SPASC” steps into the future with an emphasis on “Quality Education with Excellent Discipline”. It is committed to serve the nation by sending its student community, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion into the world shining, as its motto-“You are the Light of the World”. The dedication to “Strive for Excellence” is our primary concern and this zest that has paid rich dividends and has made our achievements the goal of the competition.

St. Paul’s Educational Trust was constituted in the year 1990, the year of literacy, to cater to the emerging quest for knowledge of the people in and around Coimbatore. It began as a Matriculation Hr. Sec. School has now been elevated to the level of providing higher education in Arts and Science to Women.

To develop devotion to God, our Creator.

To nurture the latent talents using innovative methods.

To create a communal learning environment.

To encourage free thinking.

To develop individual personality and positive attitude in life.

To develop Patriotism and National Integrity.