St.Paul’s College is a community of staff and students joined together for the common purpose of the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. It has a staff council, formed of Heads of all Departments and the Coordinators of NSS & Physical Director. The council has the statutory responsibility, in matters concerning the conduct and duties of the staff and the students of various departments of the college.


The college has a Disciplinary Action Committee. When a student is found guilty of the offence or offences charged, the D.A.C is empowered to impose any of the following penalties, either separately or in combination:


  • Expulsion from the college
  • Suspension from the College for a stated period.
  • A fine of specified amount as determined by the committee.
  • A warning and a note on the Student’s Conduct record.
  • An order for the compensation of any damage or loss caused

Each student will have a faculty from their respective department as tutor to whole of a class. She will play a key role in students life at the college. The tutor will support and advise them about their personal and course related development plan, monitoring their progress,attendance and general well-being together and keeping them on the right track and also on their options for employment or higher education by referring to other support services. Students shall meet regularly their tutor either in group or one to one basis.


The Career Guidance Cell provides support in academic directions, Career Guidance, procedures and in other social need throughout their education in St.Paul’s College.

Students can approach the advisor at the appointed time between 10.00 am to 1.00 pm at her department.

Placement cell of our college started in the academic year 2013 itself. Our first batch students were placed in Sutherland, Dell Computers, and CTS.

In the year 2014 our second batch of students were placed in Accenture, Adhi Maruthi (Accounts & Finance section), AXIS Bank, Bharti AIRTEL, AEE.BEE English Academy, Green Garden, Blue IT soft solutions, Vodafone.

Our Students were sent to career guidance programme organized by Bharathiar University. Regular spoken English class and aptitude coaching is rendered to all the students to face the interviews and to build their soft-skills.


The college has its own counseling centre run by experienced counselors. Students are welcome to make use of it to explore any issues, which may be either related or personal nature, in a confidential setting. Students can approach the counselors at the appointed time between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm at her department every week on Wednesday.


The college provides free coaching programmes for SC/ST and other students. The programme envisages a two-pronged training programme- Remedial Coaching and Coaching for Entry in services, aimed at ensuring social equity and socio-economical mobility of the under privileged sections of the society.

Remedial Coaching Scheme

It aims at improving the academic skills and linguistic proficiency of the students in various subjects by raising their level of knowledge of such subjects.

Coaching for Entry in services

This programme endeavors to equip the SC/ST and minority students with the skills required to fair well in the various competitive examinations conducted by UPSC,TNPSC, IBPS and other public and private undertakings. Classes are arranged for G.K, Reasoning, Mathematics, English, Computer, Secretarial practice including Computer based programmes.


YRC Society of the college has been rendering its service to the students and to the society. The unit has a total membership of more than 200 students and one Staff in-charge.

  • To encourage and protect good health and life.
  • To provide noble services to the sick and suffering.
  • To Promote national and international friendship.
  • To provide assistance to the disaster victims.
  • To create awareness among public and student community on blood donation
  • Conducting AIDS Awareness class
  • To Tree Planting done regularly
  • Training Program on First-aid.
  • Serving the visually challenged students

Blood Donation is life donation. It has been a traditional activity of the students of St.Paul’s College. For many years our students have been participating with great enthusiasm in this programme, taking part in a very ambitious scheme which aims to cover all blood need of the district on a voluntary basis. The benefit of organizing the Blood Donation at the College is obvious and it gives the students the major opportunity to serve the society.


The PTA of the College gives the guardians of the students an opportunity for participating in the planning and implementation of matters pertaining to the welfare of the students. It also provides a common forum for the parents, Teachers and management to discuss any thing of importance related to the instruction.


The College has a unit of N.S.S. The N.S.S wing is a counterpart of the Youth Welfare Department of the University. The main objective of this co-curricular programme is to train the students in community service. The selected students are given a special training to engage themselves in constructive social action. They work together among village people around us. Normally the N.S.S works are integrated with local welfare agencies or village panchayats in mitigating the social problems. Students, who successfully complete the training under the scheme will be awarded certificates and are eligible for the grace marks for higher studies.


The Bible Club of the college is a non- denominational gathering of students who desire to study the Holy Bible and apply it to their lives. The purpose of the club is to promote an understanding of the Bible, influence unity and morality among students and faculty and to offer positive contributions towards academic achievement, overall success and well-being.


The eco club of the college goes to do its best activities, ensuring eco friendly activities such as tree planting, campus keeping, vermicomposting and so on. Students are trained to maintain the campus with zero harmful impacts of pollution.


Campus Chaplaincy aims at the spiritual and moral development of the staff and students in the college . It arranges daily devotion for staff and students and the holy communion service every month. Further, it holds Annual students Retreat, Christian Value Based Education Talks, regular prayer services and RI and MI Classes for the Students.


St.Paul’s College Choir, the longest standing choral organization in the college campus is a choir of women students. The choir leads the morning devotion every day. Students with real longing of praise of God and realistic passion for music have the choice to take part in the choir.


The department level associations promote various programmes to be held in the departments. They cater customary enrichment of activities to the student body of the department. Many of the events, such as Inaugural and Welcome functions, Week-end and Cultural festivals and Competitions are customary. However new ideas are happily accepted and can be planned by the student’s recommendation.


The College store  will be opened 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. There is a wide range of stationery – note books, papers, envelopes, writing materials etc. The college has a canteen offering an extensive range of tea, coffee, cakes, snacks and cold drinks.